Precast concrete headwalls/penstocks/valves

Bollards and street furniture

BG Graspointner – lightweight concrete surface water drainage channels

Land drain and twinwall pipes

Ductile iron and steel access covers/gully gratings

Precast concrete large concrete blocks for retaining / security / loose material bay construction

Concreting and reinforcement accessories

Plywood/OSB and other sheet materials

Flexible drainage couplings

Paving mortars and accessories

UPVC drainage / soil / waste / rainwater products

Staffordshire bricks / paviors / slips / tiles

Construction chemicals / adhesives / flooring compounds

Precast concrete / natural stone paving /kerbs / paviors

Precast concrete drainage systems /pipes / manholes

Carcassing timber / batten / forest products

Clay drainage pipes and fittings

Steel lintels

Mineral wool insulation products

Pre-stressed concrete lintels / padstones

Wall ties / restraint straps / joist hangers / builders metalwork products

Ytong aerated concrete blocks

Water pipe (MDPE) fittings

MDPE water pipe

Twinwall ducting and access systems

Geotextiles / geogrids / geotechnical products

Prestressed concrete floor beams

Trussed rafters and easi-joists

Concrete flue systems

Top soils / mulches / horticultural products

Timber products / decking / sheets

Clay facing bricks

Clay facing bricks

Traditional clay drainage products / chimney pots

Steel reinforcement mesh / bar / cut & bent steel

Carcassing timber / mouldings/ mdf mouldings

Construction aggregates

Dense and medium weight concrete blocks


BS topsoil

Sewage treatment plants / septic tanks / oil separators / rainwater harvesting tanks

Clay drainage pipes and fittings



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